A "choukcha"-man (Far North Russian equivalent of eskimo) was given an orange for the first time in his life. He liked the fruit very much. Asked to describe his impressions, he said: "I's good, very good, almost as good as fucking". --------: Lee Bradley
Two new assistant professors in linguistics at Auburn University were traveling across the state to a meeting. As they passed a road sign, the passenger read out the sign: Arab - 25 miles. [He pronounced it AY-rab.] The driver corrected him: "No, not even in Alabama. It's got to be pronounced AIR-ab." "No," repeated the passenger, "I'm sure it's AY-rab!" "AIR-ab!"
And so the argument continued. They bet $10 and agreed to stop and ask. When they got to Arab, they pulled into the first hamburger joint, and the driver went up to the window.
The lady slid up the glass and in her flat local accent asked, "Kin I he'p yew?"
"Yes," answered the professor. "My friend and I have a bet about the correct way to pronounce the name of this place. Would you, very slowly and very clearly, pronounce it for me?"
"Well, aw-right. It's day.......ree......... QUEEN!"

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