Jay Pittman One evening two men were sitting in a bar on the top floor of the World Trade Center. Both men had been drinking for the better part of the day. "You know", said the first man, "I heard that if a man were to jump of off this building, the wind at this height is so strong that he wouldn't hit the ground. Instead, he would be blown right back up here!" "That's a lie", exclaimed the second man. "I don't (hic) believe that for a second."
With that, the first man staggered to a nearby window, opened it, and stepped out. As his drinking buddy watched with glazed eyes, the man plummetted toward the pavement. And then, incredibly, he stopped falling and began rocketing upward toward the window. Within seconds he was standing within the bar beside his friend.
The second man gupled down the rest of his drink and headed for the window. He stepped out into the air and fell toward the streets hundreds of feet below. He struck the pavement in a matter of seconds.
Back up in the bar, the first man doubled over with laughter as he walked back to his barstool and ordered another drink.
Then the bartender walked up to him and said, "You know, Superman, you sure are mean when you drink.

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