Nasty stories

When Pope Johan Paul the first died, he went of cause upstairs and knocked the pearl-gate, and this is the story about that incident..
Gabriel: Who are you, and what is your buisness here?

P. JP. I: I am the Pope, do you not expect me ??

Gabriel: You are not on my list. Wait a moment, I'll call up the boss if he knows..
Grabing a phone, Gabriel says: Master; there is somone called the Pope here at the frontgate, asking to come in; do you know him ?

The Boss: Nope, but wait a minute; I'll ask junior...

In the background you hear:

The Boss: JUNIOR; do you know anyone called the Pope ??

Junior: No, try asking the spirit..

The Boss: Ghosty; do you know anybody called the Pope ??

Ghosty: Don't let him inn; Don't let him inn! He is the one telling nasty stories about me and virgin Mary..

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